Castle Hall Chairs Cyber Security Panel In Sydney

Castle Hall’s executive consultant for Asia-Pacific, Alex Wise chaired a Cyber Security for AIMA at Morgan Stanley in Sydney today. The panellists were Cyber Security Directors for EY, Control Risks and CTO from a ParaFlare a specialist security firm. The panellists referenced the AIMA Sound Practise Guide on Cyber Security v2.0 and the evolving environment for managers everywhere.  Additionally the panel discussed how Cyber Security was becoming the number one operational DD priority for institutional investors. 

The area can be technically complex, the panellists used plain English to articulate the real and active threats facing managers today.  With diverse threat actors at work the 40 fund managers in the room were advised how to assess their vulnerability, maturity and weaknesses.  Managers were referred to industry standard guidelines such as NIST and ASD Top 4 Defence tips.  The panel also discussed the crisis and communications management framework and scenarios for dealing with a breach.  The Framework of governance was agreed as important by all participants. Evaluate / Assess / Plan / Govern / Prepare / Test were seen as the aspects of a Cyber Culture. 

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